Education Committee
Dr. Freddie G. Young, Chair

Dr. Freddie G. Young

The Education Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM (now via Zoom).  If you’d like an invitation to join the meeting, please complete the form at the right.

Our Goals:  The Education Committee seeks to highlight discriminatory practices (like the school-to-prison pipeline) and racial bias in public education.  We study local educational conditions affecting minority groups, investigates the public school policies, stay informed of school conditions, and strives to correct issues where they are found.

Our Education Committee has a history of efforts to eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline and our president last fall presented a detailed position paper on discipline to the Superintendent.  On a proactive basis, the committee teamed up with the Schott Foundation to advocate for a community schools’ approach in South Dade.  We have voiced our concerns about opening the schools while the COVID-19 epidemic is still raging.  Together with Miami Dade College’s Gibson Campus, the Education Committee hosted “Virtual Camp Hope” on the hospitality industry, cultural literacy, civics, job skills, and a variety of experiences for middle and high school students of South Dade   We plan for this camp to serve as a pilot program for a virtual Saturday Class or a future Virtual Community School.

Future Plans:  We are excited about our next “NAACP Ubuntu Talking Circle, Confronting Inequity and Structural Racism by Building Community Schools In South Dade,” introduced by the Schott Foundation.  This is a program that has been successful in other cities and addresses some of our concerns for our children.

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