2022 South Dade Freedom Fund Brunch

The 2022 South Dade Freedom Fund Brunch is the signature event of the South Dade Branch of the NAACP to honor community leaders.

The First Annual South Dade Freedom Fund Brunch will be honoring Commissioner Dennis C. Moss and the accomplishments he’s made during his tenure as the representative of District 9. We invite you to help us celebrate Commissioner Moss and several other awardees at this year’s event by purchasing your ticket, obtaining your membership, or making a donation.

Since 1909, the National Association for the advancement of Colored People has fought for the Civil Rights of all Americans. The Freedom Fund Committee is the financial arm of the organization which does fundraising and acknowledges the accomplishments of those who work to advance the fight for justice. The South Dade Branch endeavors to continue this legacy by also honoring local citizens who have empowered and uplifted the South Dade Community.

Dress Code: Casual African Brunch Attire