FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | March 24, 2023 | Contact: Jonah Bryson,

Florida State Conference Chair Adora Obi Nweze said:

"Our question to Governor DeSantis is, 'What sort of future are you fostering for Black Americans throughout Florida while eradicating our historical contributions to this nation?' There is no 'feel good' version of the horrors and inequalities that Black Americans have faced or continue to face. Slavery, Jim Crow and lynchings followed by ongoing school segregation, mass incarceration, police brutality, housing discrimination, health care disparities, and wage gap are all tough truths to face. Misrepresenting the reality of our history promotes ignorance and apathy."


Washington D.C. – Today, eight of the nation's leading human rights and equality organizations – the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Everytown for Gun Safety, the NAACP, the National Education Association (NEA), the National Women's Law Center, Equality Federation, Asians Fighting Injustice, and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) – announced the launch of the Greater Than Hate Coalition, a collective, multi-racial, multi-cultural movement with the aim of fighting back against extremist politicians and their growing and loud campaign of hate.

NAACP Strongly Supports Reparations

The belief that we all have an equal chance to earn the type of riches that gives meaning to the words "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," boldly expressed in the Declaration of Independence, is central to the concept of the American Dream. The American Dream implies that through hard work, a person may buy a home, start a company, and build a nest egg for future generations. This concept, however, has been consistently rejected by the United States government's own regulations that denied African Americans wealth-building opportunities.

NAACP Newly Elected Officers 2023 - 2024

UPCOMING Freedom Fundraising Event

In the WAKE of last year’s sold out Freedom Fund Brunch Event, the South Dade Branch’s signature fundraising event was the talk of the town in 2022. “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now!” Get ready for this year’s, “Where Do We Go From Here” 2023 Freedom Fund Fundraising Events to be held on April 28-29th, 2023. Get Ready, Save The Date, and Don’t Miss Out. Hope To See You There!

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Boiling Point: A City’s Fight for Clean Water

“In this video, “Boiling Point: A City’s Fight for Clean Water,” residents of Jackson Mississippi, including our National President, Mr. Derrick Johnson share what it's like to live for months without clean water; to feel that fulfilling the most basic need for human survival can be a daily reminder that those who live in a poor, mostly Black city don’t seem to matter.” Our work for the #JacksonWaterCrisis will continue.


Yesterday (12/10/2022), South Dade NAACP members joined our National President & CEO, Mr. Derrick Johnson, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Leon Russell, our Florida State Conference President, Dr. Adora Obi Nweze, and other NAACP members and friends from around the state of Florida to honor and celebrate the lives of CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES Harry T. & Harriette T. Moore. This event took place in Titusville/Mims, FL.
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Zero Down Payment! Zero Closing Cost Mortgage!

Bank of America Introduces Community Affordable Loan Solution™ to Expand Homeownership Opportunities in Black/African American and Hispanic-Latino Communities. The nationwide program will offer home loans with no down payment or closing cost for first-time homebuyers in Black and Hispanic communities — as defined by the census — in Dallas, Charlotte, Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami. .

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NAACP President Derrick Johnson on the
Anniversary of the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

Today, we remember the brave law enforcement officers who were at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. We also recognize the elected officials who stood up to the coward that occupied the White House at the time, to ensure our democracy held on. It is a day that rocked our nation and defined our politics. It is also a traumatic day for the many who feared for their lives.

Washington, D.C. — A coalition of leading civil rights organizations released a report urging Congress to take immediate action and prevent millions of families from losing health care coverage. Coalition group members include UnidosUS, the NAACP, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, the Coalition on Human Needs, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and the National Urban League.  

When  the Biden Administration formally declares an end to the Public Health Emergency–which could happen early next year — Medicaid programs will be allowed to terminate beneficiaries’ coverage for the first time since February 2020. The report describes how Congressional inaction could lead to the largest Medicaid loss in American history, disproportionately harming people of color and causing a civil rights and equity crisis.  

Today, NAACP leaders Hilary Shelton, Portia Reddick White, and Patrice Willoughby were named among the country’s top lobbyists of 2022 in leading political newspaper, The Hill.  The NAACP released the following statement celebrating the robust and impactful work of these talented leaders: 

“The NAACP celebrates these three passionate leaders who have worked tirelessly to further the Association’s policy and legislative priorities for years. We are honored that they have been recognized as The Hill’s Top Lobbyists of 2022 for leading the NAACP’s work to push the needle forward in Washington.Our legislative work is informed by our connection to our state and local branches working on the ground across the country, the 2 million NAACP members nationwide, and communities of color who have been underrepresented in politics and policy for far too long.


Attorney General’s Move to Eliminate Crack v. Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparities Attorney General’s Move to Eliminate Crack v. Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparities

“The sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine has just one single purpose: to put Black Americans in jail. That’s it. There is no scientific justification for prosecuting and sentencing crack and powder offenses differently. It does not make our communities safer and has simply been used as a tool to lock our community up in jail in the failed War on Drugs. The NAACP has been advocating to eliminate this racist disparity for decades. At his 2021 confirmation hearing, Attorney General Garland said that he supported eliminating the federal sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine-related offenses. By keeping this promise, today’s announcement is another step toward restoring faith in the criminal justice system for Black Americans.”

Dear Governor,

The NAACP mourns the loss of three athletically talented football players. Devin Chandler from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Lavel Davis Jr. from Ridgeville, South Carolina, and D’Sean Perry from Miami, Florida were killed on the campus of the University of Virginia in another senseless and tragic school violent shooting. It is heartbreaking to see another young Black man lose his life at the hands of senseless gun violence. African Americans are 14 times more likely to be killed by guns than whites, and among young Black men, gun violence is the leading cause of death. Whether it is a domestic violence shooting or a racially motivated mass shooting — gun violence is taking countless lives, deteriorating our security, and undermining our democracy

We need bold leadership.

Politicians are responsible for stricter gun control and getting guns off the streets. Gun control requires more than just policing. Gun violence is a social cost created by individuals’ inappropriate use of the industry’s products that harm others. It should not be so easy to obtain a firearm in the U.S. Gun violence is also a part of a vicious cycle of race and inequities in America. Addressing the root causes must be the priority of our elected leaders.

We need solutions that keep us safe.

After the recent mid-term elections in states like Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, and Texas, it is imperative that we hold accountable and call on sitting governors to recognize that one of the top five concerns for all Black voters is gun violence and crime, a concern that needs tested solutions and interventions. The NAACP supported the bi-partisan Gun Safety Bill, passed in June 2022, which serves as an example of the right types of policies needed. We continue to work to support safe, sane, and sensible laws that help prevent gun violence as over 30,000 lives are claimed by gun violence annually in the United States – an epidemic in our communities…


“We have known for years that Black people across the diaspora are more likely to experience environmental racism in their communities. Additionally, industries such as fossil fuel, coal, and other industries create toxic footprints in Black communities that exacerbates long-term health issues for Black communities,” said NAACP Director of Environmental Climate Justice Abre’ Conner. “We must continue to center Black communities and communities of color in global conversations and negotiations regarding any solutions and investments about environmental injustices.” 

NAACP thought leaders join world leaders to engage in proactive planning for climate change.

(WASHINGTON DC) –  This week, America’s preeminent civil rights organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), joins world leaders at the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) to partake in thoughtful dialogue on the importance of environmental and climate justice. Action on environmental justice and climate change is more important than ever. The NAACP will highlight and further emphasize our stance on environmental and climate justice at COP27.

Twitter Must Monitor And Prevent Hate Speech On Its Platform!!

“The NAACP met with Elon Musk to express our grave concerns with the dangerous, life-threatening hate and conspiracies that have proliferated on Twitter under his watch. According to a report, hate speech increased by approximately 500% in the first 12 hours following his acquisition. Now let that sink in. Nazi memes, racial slurs, and extreme far-right propaganda do not belong in the “town square” of any democracy or online platform. Taking the necessary actions is not rocket science, but failing to do so will put human lives at risk and further unravel our democracy.

Censorship Legislation is Dangerous to Our Democracy.

When this legislation is passed, it leads to the suppression of different voices and ideas. This creates an environment where people are less likely to have open discussions and exchange different points of view. As a result, society becomes more divided. Additionally, censorship legislation limits diversity in schools by preventing teachers from discussing certain topics or introducing students to new cultures. This leads to an ignorance of other cultures, an overall lack of diversity, and ultimately, the xenophobia, homophobia, and sexism that plague our society today.

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