Protect Reproductive Rights

NAACP on the Supreme Court's Egregious Assault on Basic Human Rights


The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health, announced on June 24th, overturned Roe v. Wade. It ended the right of reproductive choice for women. This is especially devastating to the freedom of Black women. Although a woman’s right to control her own reproduction continues to exist in some state laws, 26 states have already put laws in place to completely end a woman’s right to choose.

Take action to urge your legislators to protect Black women and the right to make reproductive choices for themselves.


This Supreme Court is turning back the clock to a dangerous era where basic constitutional rights only exist for a select few. They’ve stripped away our right to vote, and now women have lost their right to their own bodies.

We must all stand up to have our voices heard in order to protect our nation from the further degradation of civil rights protections we have worked so hard to secure.

Email your senator and urge them to prioritize reproductive rights and protect democracy.


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