Want To Run For Office?

We are quickly approaching Branch Election time (November), and we have received the following important reminder from the NAACP Florida State Conference and the national NAACP organization:

IN ORDER TO RUN FOR A LOCAL BRANCH OFFICE, YOU MUST BE A MEMBER BY MAY 1, 2020 (and you must also be a member as of the date of the branch election).  If you wish to run for office in November and your membership is either already expired or will expire April 30th, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic cannot afford the $30 adult membership fee, please contact Branch Secretary Dr. Brad Brown at Secretary@SouthDadeNAACP.org.  This requirement applies to the following offices: President, the three Vice Presidents, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and members-at-large of the Executive Committee. It does not apply to Committee Chairs, which are appointed positions.

If you were a member of the original group that banded together to form this branch last year, your membership probably expires on April 30th!  So, please renew now!

You may join or renew your membership online using a debit or credit card or using a PayPal account, on this website’s membership renewal page (click here).  Renewing members may also pay using Cash App ($SouthDadeNAACP).

Background:  The National Board of Directors, through its Executive Committee, has suspended the rule providing that membership becomes effective at the time the unit receives its share from the National Office.  For the purposes of the 2020 Branch Election cycle, membership in the NAACP will be effective on the date that the membership is received by the Branch or in the National Office (including online at www.NAACP.org for the South Dade Branch – Unit 51AC).

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